Gena Foundation Definition

Gena Foundation  established in the United State of America in
Washington DC, by a group of American most of them originally from Sudan
in 2001 according to the development of the humanitarian situation in Sudan to
help the people of Sudan who has been displaced by the domestic wars and
especially the problem of Darfur.
Sudan is considered as the biggest African country that has a distinguished
Islamic Afro Arab cultural feature, for that it has became center for the
internationalism struggles, because of it huge economic wealth’s, and
so as to enable the people of Sudan and the region to benefits from these
resources the peace and harmony must be prevail in this country,
that’s why Gena Foundation has started to work to execution some
humanitarian projects in that country.
Gena Foundation has been recognize to by the American authorities
and It has occurrence the International Revenue Services from (501c3) in
7/6/2005 from which it became an American organization under all
American rules and regulation for the humanitarian works and it has the
right to work in the charity work in Sudan and all the East Africa-Middle
East countries.

Gena Foundation goals

1- Make remedial units and custody for the homeless Sudanese in the camp 
in Sudan, International Displacement Presume (IDP). 
2- Struggle against the poverty, disease, illiteracy and hunger in Sudan.
3- Facilitation remedial campaign cooperated with the Sudanese doctors in 
all over the world and else with George Washington University. 
4- Coordinate to do medical project in Sudan to struggle and extirpation the 
incurable disease.
So that they had done a prepare study in John Hobkin university, Astray 
University and George Washington University to extirpation malaria from 
Sudan by Dr.Khalil Mohamed Saeed Ibrahim sponsored by Professor Glenn
 Jill Hood, and in the same domain there was cooperation with research 
center for tropical medicine in Khartoum university to do a study to the 
latest scientific research in malaria Resistance by examined the malaria by 
urine, As it can be known if the patient is infected by the malaria or not in 
less than two minutes and this research was invented by professor David 
Celine in John Hopkin University.
5- Planning to establish a center for the medical research for incurable 
diseases and tropical medicine diseases. 

Gena Foundation Accomplishments

Gena Foundation had a medical convoy coordinated with George
Washington University; Gena Foundation was presented by Hassan Abdul
monim one of the specialist and he is working as Public Relation Manager in
George Washington presidency by Professor Glen Gill Hood General
Surgery Specialist and tropical Medicine diseases in George Washington
University and group of doctors and the last year Student in George
Washington University to travel to Sudan to do a medical Survey and treat
the patient in Khartoum the capital of Sudan which had treated over 500
patient around Al Khartoum and had several surgery in Al Khartoum
University and Damadly University and the team had given several medical
equipment and medicine and they had visited the Orphan center and
examine the center needs.
2- Started a campaign in June 2007 to Al Nouba Mountain and Coda
cooperated with George Washington University to appoint Sudanese doctors
from the organization area and London and the campaign was presidency by
Dr.Khalil Ibrahin, Dr.Glen Gill Hood General Surgery medicine in George
Washington University and the campaign had started to execution the
Programs that was prepared in their first visit to Sudan as the following:
1- Planning to start the Tropical medicine study research center and
Economic relations for Incurable diseases with poverty Ignorance
In Sudan and East Africa
2- Planning to do communication Telemedicine project in Nuba Mountains
and South Sudan
3- Study the possibility of doing Mobile Clinic in the area which there is no
medical services available there like; Darfour, Nuda Mountains and south
4- Planning to establish Orphan Center
5- Starting to study the possibility of doing treatment Days in Kadclai and
Kouda area to treat the patients with incurable diseases cases and also
performed several surgeries in numbers of hospitals in Nuba Mountains
and distributing the medicine and using the equipment which it was with the
campaign in Kadclai hospital and Omdurman hospital
6- A meeting was held by Officials from ministry of health in Khartoum
with Minister of Health Tabita Boutros and all ministry of health advisers
and the members of the organization have presenting the study which was
done by the organization to extirpation Malaria from Sudan which didn’t
take the accepting expected in that meeting from the ministry of health

Our Team

Khalil M Ibrahim MD

Founder& Executive Director of Gena foundation – Washington DC

Asim Alfaki

Director of Finance Gena foundation- Washington DC

Mohamed Abdo

Director of Marketing & Public Relations of Gena Foundation – Washington DC

Hadeel Badawi

Biomedical Engineering of Gena Foundation – Sudan

Abdulrahim MD

Director of Resource Development Gena Foundation – Washington DC