Gena Previous Missions

March 17, 2021

Gena Foundation had a medical convoy coordinated with George

Washington University; Gena Foundation was presented by Hassan Abdul

monim one of the specialist and he is working as Public Relation Manager in

George Washington presidency by Professor Glen Gill Hood General

Surgery Specialist and tropical Medicine diseases in George Washington

University and group of doctors and the last year Student in George

Washington University to travel to Sudan to do a medical Survey and treat

the patient in Khartoum the capital of Sudan which had treated over 500

patient around Al Khartoum and had several surgery in Al Khartoum

University and Damadly University and the team had given several medical

equipment and medicine and they had visited the Orphan center and

examine the center needs.

2- Started a campaign in June 2007 to Al Nouba Mountain and Coda

cooperated with George Washington University to appoint Sudanese doctors

from the organization area and London and the campaign was presidency by

Dr.Khalil Ibrahin, Dr.Glen Gill Hood General Surgery medicine in George

Washington University and the campaign had stared to execution the

Programs that was prepared in their first visit to Sudan as the following:

1- Planning to start the Tropical medicine study research center and

Economic relations for Incurable diseases with poverty Ignorance

In Sudan and East Africa

2- Planning to do communication Telemedicine project in Nuba Mountains

and South Sudan

3- Study the possibility of doing Mobile Clinic in the area which there is no

medical services available there like; Darfour, Nuda Mountains and south


4- Planning to establish Orphan Center

5- Starting to study the possibility of doing treatment Days in Kadclai and

Koda area to treat the patients with incurable diseases cases and also

performed several surgeries in numbers of hospitals in Nuba Mountains

and distributing the medicine and using the equipment which it was with the

campaign in Kadclai hospital and Omdurman hospital

6- A meeting was held by Officials from ministry of health in Khartoum

with Minister of Health Tabita Boutros and all ministry of health advisers

and the members of the organization have presenting the study which was

done by the organization to extirpation Malaria from Sudan which didn’t

take the accepting expected in that meeting from the ministry of health



Orphan Center in Al phashira city in the west of Sudan

Orphan Center in Al phashira city in the west of Sudan

After studying the project that the organization wants to execution in Sudan,  according to the current circumstances in west Sudan the organization and  some of the advisers that organization communicates with about  humanitarian which can be execution it found out...

Gena back from khartoum to US report

Gena back from khartoum to US report

Kofi is the man of the hour.  He had worked hard to get the Trojan Horse virus first isolated and then deleted.  He even found the Word document I was working on at the time I had been invaded by the Wireless-born access, even if it had not been used during the...

mission discrption in Sudan

mission discrption in Sudan

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