Orphan Center in Al phashira city in the west of Sudan

March 17, 2021

After studying the project that the organization wants to execution in Sudan, 

according to the current circumstances in west Sudan the organization and 

some of the advisers that organization communicates with about 

humanitarian which can be execution it found out that it the priorities to start 

doing Orphan Center and that projects achieved acceptance from the 

officials in the organization the people of that areas in all over Sudan in the 

world, where some of the business men and the Sudanese organization have 

stated to provide the lands for that center and facilitation the operation to 

start on prepare the complete plan to execution the project in west Sudan in

 Al phashira city and which is setting up the final study and arrangements to 

do this unique humanitarian work in children custody which there numbers

 is continuous growing in the area according to the escape of  families and 

the children from disputation and wars, so that Gena Foundation had put the 

following plan to execution the program to start the donation campaign and 

do a several other projects in the USA capital Washington and UAE with the 

help of some Sudanese business men and Zoll TV and the famous Sudanese 

Singer Abdul Karim Al kaily and they will appoint a program to that at the 

end of the year 2008 in the capital of USA Washington and it consist of 

parties and festivals which is going to be in the area to collect the donation 

to that purpose and help some of the Sudanese organization in all over the 

world and also the United Arab Emirates for the same purpose. 


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Gena Previous Missions

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