Third Humanitarian Health Mission Prisons Rehabilitation in Sudan

July 7, 2021

Prisons Rehabilitation Mission Gena Foundation, Prison Fellowship International and Humedica International (Germany basis NGO’s)

In April 2011 Gena is organizing prison medical outreach in Sudan to assessment prison needs in Sudan which it successful with help of prison administration full support for the mission.

In November 2011 Gena medical volunteer from Sudan and Qatar support the team from Germany in the setup of clinics using the available facilities in providing medical and dental care at the following six prisons, Omdurman Female Prison, Omdurman Male Prison, Dabak Male Prison, Al Huda Prison, Kobar Prison, and Sobar Male Prison. Gena foundation had other mission in Ethiopia, Mali and Shad.

 Gena foundation also worked with local leaders to promote peace, co-existence and urged local leaders to help end the conflicts in the area and return to normalcy as soon as they can.


Gena Coordination with U.S Organization in Sudan

Gena foundation coordinate with a team from CDC, USAID, and UNDP during the previous dictatorship Government in Sudan to finalized their mission in a different project. One of those projects HIV in Southern Sudan in June 2007. Also in Washington DC on getting a travel visa from the Embassy because of the rule and regulations at that time. The team we work with Peter Mamacos, Christine Dieterle Liban, Ahmed (CDC/CCHP/NCCDPHP); Boo, Thomas (USAID/SUDAN/JUBA) (JUBA)

Current Health Mission

Hospital Rehabilitation in Sudan

The purpose of the mission organizing by Gena Foundation, Project C.U.R.E., and partners is to help the people and the Government of Sudan by supply the needed equipment that affects health care delivery in a given place. Health care reform typically attempts to: Broaden the population that receives health care coverage through either public sector insurance programs or private sector insurance companies.

Gena Foundation, Project C.U.R.E. and American organization joining with Middle East organization forming together to help Thousands of people die every day in the developing world because local hospitals & clinics don’t have the medical supplies and equipment needed to save lives in their communities. Children are missing the chance to get an education and live a full life due to illnesses that would be treatable if they had access to proper health services. It’s Project C.U.R.E.’s, Gena Foundation Embassy of Sudan in Washington DC, and other Sudanese Communities Organization organize a mission to change that. Together we will deliver health & hope to the people of Sudan.

Khalil M Ibrahim MD, MHSA,

TB/HIV/Malaria, Specialist

Founder/CEO of Gena Foundation

Washington DC



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